Writing in the job interview? See tips to command and stand out

Most recruiters often apply tests to analyze personality and evaluate other competencies of respondents, such as argumentation, synthesis, consistency, grammar, and even fluency in Portuguese. It may seem strange to examine the domain of our mother tongue, however, serious mistakes are more common than they appear and so this is one of the factors that most eliminate candidates.

Many youngsters get scared by these tests, especially when it involves writing. Among the main reasons is the lack of knowledge about the proposed topic, or about the structure of the dissertation. Of course, the nervousness and the pressure of the moment is a bit messy, but there are some strategies that can make this task easier and increase your chances of success. So we’ve separated some tips that can help you feel more prepared and confident in writing a job interview essay.

Follow the theme

First of all, it is important to pay attention to the subject. Rarely will the text be free, the most common is for recruiters to set a course to be followed. But if this is up to you, try to work on something that is geared towards your professional and academic development, which values your learning. Remember that information should not only be a copy of your resume, on the contrary, you can use it to better expose your knowledge, explain your past experiences, be it in the job market or in the classroom. You can also talk about some topic related to your profession or something about the actuality.

Here are the most common topics in the essay process:

About Me: This is the most common job interview. Here you can present some data about your personal life and lecture about your career path, exposing your goals and career goals for the future.

Professional life: This theme is proposed for you to present your trajectory in the job market. The ideal is to establish a chronological order and highlight the high points in your area. You can still approach skills and experiences related to the intended job.

The company: This topic may also appear with the question about why you applied for the job or why you want to work for the company. It seeks to assess whether the candidate knows the company and is on the job. So it is important to prepare in advance and research a lot about the company. The ideal is to write about the area of performance, vision and values. It is also possible to display historical facts about your foundation, products and services.

Build a good structure

Begin with the title, it should be related to the central theme of the essay to value the text. Write an objective introduction to lead the reader to the main subject of the text and then begin the development by presenting your arguments and ideas. In this part you must contextualize the subject and defend your thesis. Then finalize the conclusion with the synthesis of what was discussed. Here are some more important tips:

What to do

Simplify the language: Plentiful texts, full of difficult words, can become tiresome and confusing, so avoid using this feature. What will be evaluated is the cohesion of the arguments, so do not worry about getting graced to demonstrate intelligence;

Be objective: Expose your arguments and opinions in direct order, respecting the sequence of information in the narrative, to produce a clearer and lighter text;

Present your opinion: It is important to make clear in the text your point of view, whatever it is, if you have a good presentation, it will be well accepted. However, it is worth emphasizing that controversial themes or radical visions should be avoided;

Vary the vocabulary: repetitions of words make reading tiresome and unpleasant, in addition to demonstrating vocabulary poverty, so try to use varied words and their synonyms at the time of writing;

Review Before Delivering: To avoid mistakes, it is very important to do a final review before delivering. This helps to avoid incomplete sentences, spelling or grammatical errors and also verify that the presentation of ideas was according to the proposed theme.

What NOT to do

No abbreviations: In the language of the internet and text messages everything is simplified, including words, but this does not fit into a selective process writing. So be careful not to miss any “you” or “tbm”;

No slang: Leave them to the spoken language, in writing it is best to avoid words and expressions of this kind;

Avoid foreign words: Globalization incorporated in our language several words from other languages, however it is not appropriate to employ them at that moment, because, besides taking the risk of using the terms in the wrong way, it is not very well seen to want to “Americanize ” the text;

Flee from redundancy: Explaining more than once the same thing is common in speech, and may even go unnoticed, but in the text this becomes very visible and repetitive, so it should be avoided.

Avoid long sentences: Aside from hinder reading fluency, they are still a full plate so ideas get lost and the text gets confusing, so use short, clear sentences.

Avoid metaphors and analogies: If you need to use these features be very careful not to run away from the proposed theme, but if you can dispense them is even better. Leave it to poetry and novels, for in an objective text they are not ideal;

In addition to these tips, cultivating the habit of reading is very important for increasing vocabulary and grammar. That way you gain more confidence when it comes to writing and decreases your chances of making mistakes. If you want more tips to succeed in your interview and win the desired spot, follow our Facebook page or the YouTube channel. And, in order to get an internship as soon as possible, sign up for free on our website and receive opportunities from renowned companies in the job market.

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