Learn the characteristics of the dissertation and argumentative essay

Learn how to convince the reader that your thesis is well structured

The argumentative-argumentative text is a modinative text. In order to organize it, you will defend a point of view in relation to a certain subject. The author’s opinion needs to be based on explanation and argument. The goal is to get the reader or listener to be convinced about your idea that will be exposed and explained.

An argumentative text needs a series of explanations that justify it. In addition to the proofs, the text must have a coherent and consistent reasoning.

Consistency concerns the relation of arguments to each other. Before writing the text, make a diagram of your ideas. Form a chain of elements that will be worked on in the text. As you will defend an idea, know exactly what it is proposing. Here’s how the text can be structured:

Thesis and justifications

What is your thesis about a subject? What kinds of justifications make this thesis true? How do you conclude this subject that was presented?


Before being argumentative, your text is a dissertation and you need to know how to state your ideas. The arguments should be detailed.

The thesis is the central idea that you will defend throughout your text. It will need to be related to the topic requested by the Enem, examining bank. Your arguments will support the defense of your thesis.

What are arguments? What you understand is good enough to convince the reader. A good argument answers the question “why?” In relation to the thesis you presented.

Argumentative Strategies

Argumentative strategy is a type of resource that must be used to develop the argument. It could be an example, a statistic, a research, a fact fact, a quote or expert testimony. Even a historical allusion or a comparative picture.

As much as these tips and formulas are important, there is no way to work miracles. If you do not have content, lots of luggage and daily reading the arguments will be fragile or nonexistent.

A good argumentative and argumentative text can not be achieved overnight. You need to write, rewrite, discuss with someone.

It is the practice that will give you enough security to achieve improvements. Magazines, news magazines, documentaries and a lot of world reading are important elements. Then identify which grammatical difficulties are most present in your writer / writer routine. What moments are most difficult to develop?

Once you’re done with the habit of writing, start picking out harder topics. So you work on the issue of overcoming. Having a good broker to discuss flaws, inconsistencies and difficulties is also very important. Using previous competitions and exams is another cool question. That way, you get a bit more accustomed to the organizer’s billing style.

So, what are your main difficulties and tips in relation to the argumentative essay text? Send your suggestions and comments! This is also an important form of learning.

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