Key Steps to Follow When Writing Long Essays

Definition of a Long Essay

Long essays are those reports that tend to be more than four thousand words or longer than four pages. We can all agree that a long essay format requires maximum attention when writing. Most students lament that long essays are tiresome to write due to the broadness topic and other accompanying instructions. It is important to follow carefully follow all instructions given. Moreover, some lecturers consider a five- or six-page work too much, while others consider it the average.

Reasons for Preparing a five or More Pages Report

  • Putting your writing skills to test: Long reports spell out a chance to showcase your prowess in inscribing.
  • Testing how well you can write: The major reason is to prepare you for your projects' future thesis writing at advanced learning levels.
  • Examine your objectivity and subjectivity skills to issues or a statement of the problem.

Detailed Steps to Follow.

  1. Select a subject: Pick a specific topic that you can research on easily to gather enough points. It is important to be specific to enable you to write enough pages about it.
  2. Begin your investigation or study: Go through all the available materials at your disposal about the topic. Remember to be noting down the key points; they will be beneficial when expounding the paper. The process could take you hours or days but keep the midnight candle burning.
  3. Draft a thesis of your paper: Develop a specific thesis since it provides direction for your argument in the report. Moreover, the thesis clarifies the importance of the topic.
  4. Continue with your exploration or research since the thesis has provided you with the direction on projecting your report. It is crucial to go through sources that will anchor your thesis statement. Remember to use verified sites for your information search. It would be best to understand that the thesis might change as you write your paper, which is still acceptable.
  5. Generate an outline and begin writing: The outline presents how your work will be structured and organized. Furthermore, a more detailed outline lessens your task when connecting ideas as you drive deep into your points.
  6. Finish inscribing rest a bit and begin proofreading and editing tasks. At this level, make sure to read your paper aloud to feel how the contents are written sound. By doing this, you will discover vague and awkward sentences to be corrected. As you read, remember to note down areas to edit, which you will act on when you are done with reading. This section also enables you to check if you met all the assignment requirements, such as length, by counting the pages or word count.

Conclusively, long essays sharpen your research skills; hence do not overlook it as a burdening task but look at it positively. Once you are satisfied with your work and have met all the requirements, submit it upon following the handing over instructions. Hopefully, the points mentioned above will help your quest to prepare and present fantastic lengthy but well-written essays.

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