How to Start an Essay About Yourself

One of the articles that are underrated are essays about ourselves because students assume it is the most straightforward essay to write, which isn’t the case.

Things to Include at The Beginning of an Essay About Yourself.

It is unimaginable to think that someone would fail in an essay about themselves. Sadly, this has happened to a lot of students. Most of the time, this happens because students did not write an outstanding beginning. When it comes to the ‘myself’ type of essay, there are specific requirements for the introductions. You do not have to panic if you are not aware of these guidelines for starting an essay about yourself. The reason is that this essay provides you with not only one but three things that you need to include in an article about yourself to ensure that you score the best grades. They include:


While writing about an essay about yourself, you have to understand that this essay is about you. The first thing that people need to know is your name. While students are aware of this fact, they make a mistake of not using their real names in this essay. For those that use their real,2.pdf names, they only give one name, which is equally a mistake. The first thing to include at the start of an essay about yourself is your name. The names should be two or more, and they should be your official names. Ideally, they need to be included in the opening sentence.

Personal Information

After giving details about your name, the next thing is to offer a detailed description of you. Here, you can include items such as your date of birth and your age. Another detail that you can consist of is your gender and your nationality. Since you have mentioned your nationality, it is not a bad idea to narrow down and indicate your ethnicity and other regional identities in relation to you. Information about your religion and current education level can as well be included in this personal information category.

H2: Brief Family Details

You are born of someone and live with a family. In the absence of their existence, you would not have an identity. Therefore, you also have to inform the reader about your family at the start of your essay. For instance, you can include the name of your parents or guardians. You can also proceed to tell the reader if you are an only child or if you have siblings. The family bit needs to be extremely brief because this is not about your family but yourself. Only that your family is part of you.

H2: Conclusion

Nothing hurts more than scoring low grades in an essay about yourself. In an attempt to escape such embarrassment, it is necessary to make the beginning of this type of essay exciting. The only way you can do this is by including the information tackled in the three tips presented above.