Most students who write essays follow this format

What is an Essay? Has your professor asked you to write an essay, but you don't even know where and how to begin? Are you wondering what on earth this actually means and what it entails? Well, an essay is just a piece of writing. Here, you can initiate a debate, propose an argument, express […]

Correct Essay Structure Format

The Correct Essay Structure Format Writing a college essay is no easy task, especially when you have to do several in limited time. Even more daunting is formatting your essay to look professional and logically communicate your ideas. Using the wrong format for an essay may prevent others from understanding you and can also attract […]

Key Steps to Follow When Writing Long Essays

Definition of a Long Essay Long essays are those reports that tend to be more than four thousand words or longer than four pages. We can all agree that a long essay format requires maximum attention when writing. Most students lament that long essays are tiresome to write due to the broadness topic and other […]

The Best College Essay Format

The Best College Essay Format A five-paragraph essay structure is often used for college assignments. However, there are instances where a student is not strictly limited to follow this structure. In fact, college essays are less about the structure and more of how a student can effectively communicate ideas. Still, you will be required to […]

Enjoy writing your essay by using these tips.

Tips for Writing a One-Page Essay So you are very excited because this time, your teacher or professor assigned you quite a short task, huh? Relax. Some of the things that seem so easy can be quite challenging. Writing a one-page essay is no walk in the park. It is a daunting task. You, therefore, […]