Dissertation Proposal Writing

How to write a dissertation proposal

Has your lecturer assigned you a dissertation proposal assignment to be submitted in less than three weeks? Is your schedule tight with other engagements including work, family among other relationships? Well, you should do yourself a favor and escape the hurdles. You see, there are well established companies online today that offer dissertation proposal writing help services. Most of these companies exist for students with needs such as yours, so there is no need to feel any shame or fear while seeking their services. A dissertation proposal takes a relatively different format from the usual dissertation. The following are the factors that will be included in your dissertation proposal;

  1. Introduction; this is an overview of what your topic is all about. Therefore, you will be required to explain the aim of your topic and what you intend to talk about in brief. The introduction is an opportunity for you to make the reader understand what your topic will cover and how it shall be of importance to the primary dissertation.
  2. State of knowledge; you must show your understanding of the topic by giving a short review of what you think of the topic and in-depth knowledge of the topic. You don't have to go into so many details, but you should generally show a prowess of information and expertise in the said topic. This is what we can also call justification. You are justifying your choice of the subject by showing that you indeed comprehend it.
  3. Procedure/ Modus Operandi; You should also show the mode of procedure that you intend to use in your research and the methodology that you shall implement. Modus operandi means the mode of operation. Therefore, you shall elaborate on the method of operation that you intend to use for the research and the dissertation in totality.
  4. Recommendations and findings; you must also show what you hope to find and achieve with that particular research. It would be best if you elaborated on your research's possible implications and the findings that you shall make.
  5. References; these are your bibliography and citations indicating the source of your information. You need to state your bibliography as it will guarantee your work is plagiarism-free. If any information is not your direct idea and your direct input, you must always show the source of that information by acknowledging the author to safeguard their copyright.

Despite the above guidelines, your institutions will always give you specific guidelines for structure and the length of the dissertation proposal. In case they provide a certain number of pages and maybe font size and number, it is best to incorporate these guidelines into the above guidelines to have a wholesome dissertation proposal.

Dissertation proposals will also vary from one genre to another, and the topic of discussion may also guide you on what to write about as opposed to a standard table of content. The table of content is usually an outline of the topics you have covered and their pages to make it easier for the reader if they are interested in one particular part more than the other.

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